Benefits of Office 365 Single Sign-On for Your Business 

 Single sign-on, or SSO, is a single login that’s used for access control across social networks, platforms, cloud resources, mobile apps, and more. The service authenticates the access privileges for all the applications a user has rights to and requires no additional actions when they switch between applications. SSO simplifies the login process by streamlining workflow as well as adding an extra layer of safety by reducing the likelihood of error.  

A user authentication service like Office 365 provides many benefits to businesses. Using Office 365’s SSO is not only helpful to your employees, but it’s also helpful to your administrators. 

Both backend administrators and front end users can benefit from using a SSO service. SSO allows the user to go through one authentication that includes entering their credentials. They are then able to login across all the domains they are trying to access.  

Some more benefits of using SSO are: 

  • The user is authenticated as secure. 
  • Multiple passwords aren’t being used. 
  • It is much more convenient for users.  
  • It is a solution to the time, convenience, and security issues that come with multiple user logins.  

SSO reduces the need to remember multiple passwords and helps make end users more efficient and better suited to tackle their day. Less passwords to remember also means less calls to the helpdesk, which results in more time for backend and front end users to spend on their tasks.  

So what are you waiting for? Contact K3 Technology to see how we can help you start using a SSO service like Office 365.