Cloud Migration: Transition Efficiently and Successfully

Cloud Migration is the process of transferring databases, applications, and IT processes into the cloud, or from one cloud to another. That way, your data and applications are accessible from anywhere and are always available. Cloud migration is critical for achieving real-time and updated performance and efficiency. So many companies are making a full or partial migration to the cloud because they want to move on from outdated and inefficient servers and are now experiencing the benefits of migrating to the cloud.  

At K3 Technology, we can help you with: 

  • Email migration to Office 365 
  • Moving local onsite files to a Cloud solution (for example, OneDrive) 
  • Application / Database 
  • Desktop Software Migration 

When you transition to the cloud, think of it as a process of not just delivering new technology, but as providing new technology as a reliable service. Cloud computing will reduce your costs, but transitioning to the cloud can quickly get out of hand. To transition efficiently & successfully, you may want to invest in a third-party service to deal with any underlying technical issues, and keep your data safe.

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