IT Cyber Security is headline news. It is no longer something that is limited to IT Managed Service Providers. It has become a part of the business conversation as attacks have gone up in both volume and severity. Small and Medium sized businesses are in the crosshairs, they are being targeted more than ever. Why? Two reasons:

  • SMBs are rich targets and they are new targets. They are typically not managing security, which is why it’s important to be sure your MSP is managing security.

  • Originally, cybercrime was centralized – you had to build it from scratch. You couldn’t call Rackspace up and spin up some new servers, you had to do it all yourself. You had to identify the vulnerabilities and write the software for the attack. The entire process was very expensive. Because of the cost, the targets were larger customers who cybercriminals could get the most money from. Today it’s very different, it’s much more distributed. You can buy the different components to launch your attack and you can specialize in certain areas of the attack. It’s much cheaper and you can be much more opportunistic and target the much smaller and more vulnerable companies. Today, we’re seeing an entire Ecosystems around Cybercrime.

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