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The Employees Behind K3: Sean Staggs

June 8, 2023

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Name:  Sean Staggs

What do you do at K3 Technology?   Support Engineer

Where are you from originally?  Born outside Chicago, grew up in Nashville, but Denver is home.

What do you love about the hybrid work environment? My dogs are the ultimate co-workers! I love the time saved not commuting that I can spend preparing for the day.

What are you most excited about over the next few years?  Short term travel plans. Going back to Maui later this year to visit a close family friend, then planning a trip to Brazil next spring to visit an old friend.


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Who motivates you? A voice in my head. It’s very motivating and helpful. The only problem is it speaks Spanish so I have to get an interpreter.

iPhone or Android?  iPhone, if for no other reason than the elegant UI design, but I also prefer Apple’s approach to data privacy.

What do you do for fun?  My wife and I love hiking with our two pups and bouncing around downtown for drinks and snacks. We are big fans of Star Wars,  Nintendo games, and re-watching The Office.

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If you could go anywhere, where would it be?
  So many places left on my list of places to visit, but Kyoto, Japan is high on the list!

Favorite restaurant in the world?  D’Corazon, best chicken tacos I’ve ever had and the sweetest staff around

What is your favorite aspect about the Technology Industry? Watching technology free us from mundane repetitive tasks and giving us more time

Favorite books/reading material/websites?  Love books about biological evolution and animal psychology, especially books by John Bradshaw. Also a sucker for pulpy easy-to-read crime novels.

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