The Importance of Business Continuity During a Time Like COVID-19  

Business continuity refers to a business’ ability to ensure that their operations and core business functions are not severely impacted by a disaster or unplanned incident that may take critical systems offline. There are various events, like this pandemic we’re living in, that can cause significant business disruptions. They may result in temporary or permanent loss in vital records, IT infrastructure and staff.  

As we’ve seen over the last several months, having a business continuity plan is critical to helping your business survive a pandemic like COVID-19. Most businesses had to make abrupt decisions as to best keep their employees healthy as well as how to best minimize the impact on their business.  

With still so much uncertainty that lies ahead, it’s important to evaluate if your organization is prepared to handle issues and questions that have come up or are sure to arise. Backup and disaster recovery are the core of any operational business. It needs careful planning and a reliable solution to allow you to recover your critical server and resources.  

With multiple backup points such as (Local, Remote, Hybrid appliancesFail-over, and Off Sites), K3 Technology always ensures that your business and data are safe and available in the event of a disaster. With quarterly Disaster Recovery testing and around the clock job monitoring, K3 Technology is able to bring high availability and data security to our partners critical business line of applications. 

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