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K3 Technology Honored as Colorado Company to Watch

June 24, 2024

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People seated at tables in a modern venue with high ceilings, attending a presentation or event. A speaker stands on stage near a large screen displaying a slide titled "Second Stage Companies," celebrating K3 Technology honored as a company to watch for AEC firms and Creative Agencies.

Colorado has long been recognized as a hub for technology and innovation, cultivating thriving companies across various industries. Colorado Companies to Watch is the states most distinguished program that acknowledges these rapidly growing companies. Joining them in celebrating those that innovate on behalf of their customers, we are honored that Colorado Companies to Watch has named K3 Technology as one of its winners for 2024.

K3 CEO Kelly Kercher and COO Ian Romero at the CCtW Gala

This recognition is a testament to K3’s exceptional achievements and success driven by an exceptional team and future-forward customers that see technology as a force-multiplier, not a nuisance.

Being recognized by Colorado Companies to Watch is an incredible honor and speaks to our commitment to excellence, innovation, and progress. We strive to create value beyond technology services for our clients and help them be a better business, not just a better customer, which is why this recognition means so much to us. -Kelly Kercher, CEO

As any business leader knows, it’s rewarding to be recognized for your efforts, and it’s fun to look back at where you started and see how far you’ve come. And we would be remiss to not recognize this has been a team effort. From the exceptional team at K3 to our customers and partners that have helped us build the technology provider they want, we couldn’t have done it without both.

But what is most recognizable to us isn’t where we started, but why.

We founded K3 technology in 2017 with the belief that outsourced I.T. Services needed to be rethought.

First, the word outsourced needed to be a thing of the past, we knew that to be effective at providing next level technology, architecture, CyberSecurity, and support services we needed to become a Business Success Partner, not just a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Second, discussions around technology shouldn’t be about what technology is, it should be about what technology does and why that matters to your business.

Third, we know that if you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. This means we must take a seat at the table, understand your business as well as you do, then view technology through your lens and integrate the right solutions, not just the latest tech making headlines this week. This also meant we needed to focus, and focus we did. While we serve many companies in many verticals, our understanding of how technology empowers Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) firms and Creative Agencies is unrivaled.

It also means we have to show up every single day. First with technical support, but extending all the way through helping you overcome business obstacles, no matter how minor they may seem, and helping you see technical accelerators to business initiatives. This Customer-in-the-Center approach puts you in control of your digital universe and gives you the power to run your business at full throttle without the headaches and worries normally associated with Technology, CyberSecurity, and the rapidly growing world of AI.

It is with this understanding that we reimagined what an I.T. Service Provider could be almost 8 years ago, and built what we believe is the model for effective technology partnerships of the future from the ground up. And with this recent award from CCTW, being awarded a spot on the Channel Futures MSP 501 list (the top 1% of all MSPs in the U.S.), and a growing customer base all across the United States it’s a testament that what we’ve built is changing the game for businesses in how they leverage technology.

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Kelly Kercher headshot
Kelly Kercher
President and Founder
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