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Avoiding the Struggle of an Unplanned Office Relocation

January 3, 2019

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Avoiding the Struggle of an Unplanned Office Relocation

Hundreds of businesses move offices every month across the United States, but only a small fraction of those moves go smoothly. Why is that? When a move is unplanned, it won’t happen efficiently. Without a detailed office relocation plan, a lack of communication between clients and employees leads to frustration, confused search engines, and a potential loss of business. The majority of companies that undertake an unplanned relocation will lose clients, money, and sleep from entirely avoidable technological problems. It’s possible to relocate the office effectively, but it takes planning and a team of professionals to ensure a successful move.

There’s a lot of planning, strategy, and attention to detail involved with a smooth office relocation. And it’s best to utilize the services of a company or a team of experts that know how to use the right technology to put together an effective relocation plan for your business. It is imperative that companies continue to grow their business and generate cash without interruption from a move.

Here are some steps you need to take to avoid the struggle of an unplanned office relocation.
  1. Take a detailed inventory of all equipment and supplies before the move.
  2. Organize files safely, and relocate desktop and office-based system so they can integrate smoothly with the new physical network.
  3. Well in advance of the move, contact all carrier providers and servers to inform them of the relocation. On the relocation date, migrate all communication services.
  4. Before the move happens, make sure that there is sufficient internet at the new location. Remember, you can’t afford an interruption in services.
  5. If your company has servers on-site, they need to do two things: move the equipment to ensure that data wires are located throughout the office in the correct places, and make sure there is sufficient power and AC for the on-site servers.
  6. Before the move, you’ll want to evaluate the current practices of communications, servers, and equipment. Sufficient evaluation will tell you in advance what systems can stay the same, and what will need upgrading to ensure a smooth relocation and continuation of business services.

It’s crucial that an office relocation doesn’t result in an interruption of services. Relocating an office can be a stressful affair, and there are a lot of moving parts that you must ensure can continue to operate smoothly right before, during, and after the move.

At K3 Technology, we specialize in giving businesses like yours smooth, efficient office relocations. When you choose our services, you can rest assured that your business will continue operating without a hitch and generate revenue during the relocation. Call us today at 303-770-8050 and see how we can help you avoid the struggles associated with an unplanned office relocation.

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