Microsoft Azure Cloud

Increase Mobility with Azure

Mobile computing is permeating the globe, altering workflows, communication patterns, and how we consume content. Implementing Azure gives greater flexibility and insight into making well-informed  business decisions. With the built in industry-specific compliance standards, Azure provides a multi-layered approach to security and eliminates up-front hardware costs and license complexity. Host your critical information systems on our hardware in our world-class data center but still know the benefits of live, local technical support and a provider who responds directly to you.

Integration and automation are key functionalities of the right cloud solution for any company. Our Azure deployments include everything: designing the right solution, and providing service, maintenance and support after the deployment.

Let us help you identify the right applications for your business and provide all of your service, support and maintenance while increasing your productivity and meeting your budgetary requirements. Don’t be limited by what’s available from a particular provider. K3 Cloud delivers the very best private cloud solutions for our clients.



  • Cloud Experts – To help you with the entire process from planning to implementation.

  • Virtual Computing – Offer secure, multi-user access from anywhere.

  • Features – Azure has 100s of features like virtual machines, databases, networking, storage, analytics, and content delivery networks.

  • Multi-layer Security – Firewall, Hardware & software security

  • Flexibility – Azure integrates with 1000s of popular applications, making business automation a breeze.

  • Scalability – We are ready to grow with you. As your network and hosting needs change, K3 Cloud has the storage, bandwidth, expertise and reliability for stable, competitive system integration.

  • Automation – Increase productivity through automation of day to day business tasks.


We offer a true private solution

We only give you what you need. When you grow we have the flexibility to expand your cloud footprint on-demand.


24/7 access to your data ANYWHERE

The benefit to going to the cloud is accessing your servers and applications from anywhere. Let our experts monitor and manage your private infrastructure.


Security is our #1 priority

We force users to connect through VPN (Virtual Private Network) to help keep your data secure. We also offer site to site VPN to companies offices.