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Disaster Recovery Services

Web Disaster Recovery Services

We understand that backup and disaster recovery services are the core of any operational business. It needs careful planning and a reliable solution to allow you to recover your critical server and resources.

With multiple backup points such as (Local, Remote, Hybrid appliances, and Failover Sites), K3 Technology always ensures that your business and data are safe and available in the event of a disaster.

With quarterly Disaster Recovery testing and around-the-clock job monitoring, K3 Technology is able to bring high availability and data security to our partner’s critical business line of applications.

The Business Solution for Organizations That Can’t Afford Downtime

A catastrophic system failure creates chaos. Gone are billing and inventory records, customer lists, and miscellaneous reports. To recreate this information from scratch is expensive and time-consuming. Depending on how much damage is inflicted upon your computer systems, it could be days, weeks, or even months before operations return to normal. Rather than experience this kind of wipeout scenario, be secure!

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Off Site Backup

Secure backup to servers, workstations and applications data to redundant data centers. Backups are encrypted on transit and on destination. available to download and whenever needed.

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Unlimited File Level Versions

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Secured and Encrypted

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Managed and Monitored

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Hybrid Disaster Recovery

Continuous local and cloud-connected backups for your critical servers and applications. Enabling your business to quickly recover failed virtual and physical servers and workstations.

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Pre-Staged Recovery

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Virtual Cloud and Local Recovery

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Dedicated IP and VPN Connectivity

Benefits of Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services Solution:
Backs Up Data Every 15 Minutes, Every Day

Not even the most conscientious users save their work as consistently and thoroughly as our business continuity solution.

Gets You Back To Business – FAST!

Servers crash, networks fail … it’s going to happen. But with our virtual server engaged and deployed, we’ll have your systems up and running again in mere minutes.

Complies With Law & Government Regulation

Violating government rules for protecting sensitive records at the federal level (such as HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley), or failing to meet state or local data governance standards can bring severe consequences. Our business continuity solution goes a long way toward helping you maintain compliance.

Recovers Vital Email

Everyone’s done it — deleted or lost an email containing critical information. Take advantage of our email recovery feature for Microsoft Exchange Servers and recover that important message from days or even months ago.

Provides Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

It’s true; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. RMM service is included with our business continuity solution so small issues don’t become big problems.

Keeps Data Safe When Major Disasters Strike

This last year has proved that anything is possible. K3 is here to protect your data and protect your business.

K3 makes sure your employees are supported 24/7/365. We have the in-house expertise to handle the wide range of IT issues that occur, including planning and design, system integration, system migration, 24/7 support, maintenance, system upgrades, and cybersecurity management.

Find out if K3 Technology is the right IT partner for you!