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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence transforms your data.

Business intelligence takes the data your business collects and translates it into insights that help you make strategic business decisions. By analyzing your data, business intelligence (also known as BI) can be used to meet organizational goals, identify performance issues, create benchmarks and improve compliance.

In order to put these insights at our client’s fingertips, K3 provides BI consulting services to identify data types and key metrics, along with operational and organizational goals. K3 creates BI dashboards that gather, analyze and present data in an easy-to-understand format, including charts and graphs. K3 can also develop a data analytics environment and processes to drive decision-making, identify trends and increase profitability.

How Do BI Dashboards Help Your Company?

Raw data can be overwhelming. Think about all of the data your business gathers internally and from interactions with customers, vendors, distributors, social media sites, ad placement firms, and so on. BI dashboards transform this data into snapshots in time, allowing you to make informed tactical and strategic decisions. You can choose the dashboard and report formats that are most useful to you.

How Can BI Be Used?

Business intelligence can be used throughout your organizations. Here are a few examples.

Sales and Customer Relations

Integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, BI dashboards streamline reporting, provide analysis and uncover trends. These insights help you understand prospects and customers better, improving your conversion and retention rates.

Financial Analysis

BI can be used to assess your overall financial situation, review income from products or divisions, analyze spending, and so on. It can also be used for cost/benefit analysis and alert you to issues before they become serious.

Uncover lost or forgotten data

Business intelligence is used to better organize and manage all data, so this process might uncover hidden or forgotten data. Setting up BI tools that allow you to combine and analyze past, present (and future) data allows you to get a holistic view of your company.


Let K3 Help You Achieve Your Goals

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