Denver Managed IT Services

Keeping Your Business Protected

Our all-inclusive Denver Managed IT Services help businesses eliminate IT challenges. Through our proactive monitoring and systems analysis, we work diligently towards the goal of uninterrupted operations.

Clients from all industries trust us as their Denver Managed IT Services Provider because we are experts in IT management, IT consulting, and IT security and cloud solutions. Here at K3 Technology, our clients are our top priority and we take the time in consulting with you to understand your business technology needs. Our IT experts evaluate and recommend the best technology to meet your business needs and fit your business precisely. Your business, your employees, your future, always online and secure.

Managed IT Services

The new model of Denver managed IT services, called “Managed Services”, is a partnership between your organization and ours. As your outsourced IT partner, we bring a scalable workforce, a high level of expertise, and over 25-years of technology management.

24/7 End User Support
IT Helpdesk

We can monitor, troubleshoot
and maintain your desktops, servers, mobile devices
and all other endpoints.

Business Continuity &
Disaster Recovery

Backup and disaster recovery are the core of any operational business. It needs careful planning and a reliable solution to allow you to recover your critical server and resources.

Office 365 &
Email Solutions

Easily access email and productivity apps from anywhere with Office 365. Our enterprise solutions are always online and backed up.

Here are a few ways Denver Managed IT Services are essential for all businesses:

Enhancing Cybersecurity
Most businesses don’t have the resources on their team to stay current on internet security and aren’t equipped to handle data breaches or network compromises. Especially when companies have shifted most of their employees to working remotely, cybersecurity is that much more important. While working from home, employees may work off of their personal devices or even use a personal device to log into their company’s corporate network. Hackers can easily
hack into these personal devices, therefore hacking into a corporate network. Denver Managed IT Services, like those offered by K3Technology, help to provide a strong anti-virus security system as well as a data protection plan to help keep data secure at all times.

Lowering and Stabilizing IT Costs
Our Denver Managed IT Services helps businesses to reduce their IT costs as well as help with being able to plan for more consistent fees as opposed to unpredictable needs of specialists, equipment, etc. During the recent pandemic, businesses were looking for any way to cut costs and stay afloat. Our Managed IT Services helps limit the amount of money spent on in-house IT specialists because you already have access to a wide range of support.

Accessing a Broad Skill Set
Businesses are limited when it comes to who they can hire for their internal IT department. They typically have general support staff as well as a few specialized roles, but there are likely still some gaps that need to be filled. With our Denver Managed IT Services, businesses can get instant access to specialists with broad and deep knowledge– even from home! Working with our Managed IT Services experts helps solves and reduces the stress that businesses are dealing with when transferring their workforce to working remotely.

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