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IT Support for Architecture and Design Firms

IT Support for Architecture and Design Firms

IT support for architecture and design firms is often outsourced to experts, just as clients outsource their projects to skilled architects and designers. Technology for design and architecture brings creative ideas and complex plans to life and needs to be shared with colleagues and clients. Project management, connectivity, and cybersecurity issues increase as team members work from home or onsite at client locations and share their work with others, especially when working internationally.

K3’s IT support for design firms and architects includes 24/7 assistance, maintenance, storage, and network issues, system upgrades, and cybersecurity management. We can also help you identify the right applications for your firm to increase your productivity while meeting budgetary requirements.

Top tech support issues we’ve identified include:

Sharing and collaborating on big design files

Designers and architects need to be able to share their work and get feedback from clients and colleagues. Having remote access that is reliable is imperative. K3’s managed cloud services let designers and architects work from anywhere, safely and securely, without interruption.

Vendor and application management

Architecture and design firms use complex applications every day, such as Autocad and Adobe. Trying to manage multiple vendors and software systems in-house is overwhelming. K3 works with A&D firms and their vendors on installation, system upgrades, and support issues to keep systems running efficiently.

Storage and infrastructure performance

Where you store your email, business applications, files, and other assets impacts performance, efficiency, and frustration levels. Your choices include dedicated servers, cloud solutions, and hybrid solutions. K3 analyzes your current system, reviews storage and network requirements, and makes recommendations on enterprise-level solutions for your firm.

IP protection and cybersecurity services

Protecting intellectual property (IP) and data is important for architecture and design firms. A security system that provides strong detection and responses keeps IP and data secure. Ensuring regular, automatic backups of your system and data to offsite locations provides another level of security. K3 also provides cybersecurity training for team members to prevent cybercriminals from entering your network.

K3 makes sure your employees are supported 24/7/365. Whenever someone runs into a problem with a laptop, computer, or other equipment under our care, our support desk is only a call, chat, or email away. Contact us today to learn more about the IT support for architecture and design firms offered by K3.

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