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Virtual CIO & Strategic Planning

Virtual CIO
Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) and Strategic Planning Services

The flexible IT leadership solution you need.

Small and midsize companies need someone in the role of chief information officer (CIO), but often lack a full-time CIO. A virtual chief information officer (vCIO) is the perfect solution. A vCIO is a dedicated resource that serves as a chief information officer on a flexible basis to facilitate goal setting and strategy planning, as well as managing IT strategy, implementation and budgets to meet those goals.

The virtual CIO role typically has both strategic business and technical functions, from managing a digital transformation for a competitive advantage to ensuring cybersecurity solutions are in regulatory compliance. Having a vCIO in conjunction with a managed services provider (MSP) can drive digital transformation, technology adoption, and other processes.

What are the benefits of having K3 as your virtual CIO?

If your company is using outdated technology, you are at risk of falling behind your competitors and being an easy target for cyber-criminals. You need someone with IT expertise to assess your current systems and make recommendations for moving forward.

As an outside consultant, K3 brings a fresh perspective to your leadership team. Whether you need office productivity software, like Office 365, multi-factor authentication (MFA) for cybersecurity, or someone to take your IT team to the next level, we can help. K3 works with you to:

• Set goals and strategic priorities, both short-term and long-term
• Develop budgets and monitor ROI
• Streamline operations
• Act as a change agent
• Assess integration/migration needs during M&A activity
• Identify regulatory compliance issues before penalties occur
• Evaluate IT team skills and provide training where needed
• Support vendor relationships

At K3, we offer vCIO bundled with our traditional MSP offerings or as a standalone service. Contact us today to learn more about our virtual CIO services.


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