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Office 365 Optimization

Office 365 Optimization
Protecting your network from data breaches.

Optimizing Office 365 / Microsoft 365 security services is a top priority for businesses. You can’t rely on default settings to be the best option for your company and provide the level of protection you need. K3 offers IT leadership and support services so you can get the most out of your investment in Office 365 / Microsoft 365. (Microsoft changed the name of Office 365 to Microsoft 365, but we’ll use both names here since we know a lot of companies still call it Office 365.)

K3 works with you to identify your security needs.

We provide overall optimization of Office 365 / Microsoft 365 specifically designed for your company in addition to security solutions. K3 can also advise you on identity and access management (IAM) solutions to enhance data security along with integration of single sign-on (SSO) to increase convenience for your employees.

Office 365 / Microsoft 365 can be accessed through a web browser, PC, Mac or mobile app using company provided or personal devices. Microsoft cloud services come with data security tools, including encryption and multi-factor authentication (MFA). With more employees working from home on personal devices, the need for enhanced data security is even more important.

K3’s experts typically start our optimization process by going through the “Top 10 ways to secure Microsoft 365” list to ensure all of these services are enabled and configured correctly. The list includes:

  1. Set up multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  2. Train your users
  3. Use dedicated admin accounts
  4. Raise the level of protection against malware in mail
  5. Protect against ransomware
  6. Stop auto-forwarding for email
  7. Use Office Message Encryption
  8. Protect your email from phishing attacks
  9. Protect against malicious attachments and files with Safe Attachments
  10. Protect against phishing attacks with Safe Links

We then configure any other services that are applicable to your organization, such as data loss policies, GDPR compliance, HIPAA compliance, and so on. K3 offers security awareness training to educate your employees on best practices and for regulatory compliance.

Contact K3 today to find out how we can optimize Office 365 / Microsoft 365 to secure your data and improve employee productivity.