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IT Support for Oil and Gas

IT Support for the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas companies are always looking for ways to boost productivity, lower operational risk, ensure workplace safety, increase security, and comply with regulations. As we learned from the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, keeping IT systems and equipment updated, ensuring cybersecurity protocols are in place, and providing ongoing worker training are all important for critical infrastructure.

K3’s leadership team has over seven years of experience working internally at oil company IT departments and understands the complexities involved in the oil and gas industry. K3 provides:

24/7/365 support

The disruption of oil and gas operations anywhere in the world can be disastrous. That’s why having IT support available around the clock is essential. Whenever someone runs into a problem with equipment under our care, our support desk is only a call, chat, or email away.

Regulatory compliance and safety

Oil and gas companies often have regulatory requirements for environmental protection, safety and hazardous materials. Ensuring networks are up-to-date and remain online helps maintain compliance and reduce risks, repair costs, and service interruptions.

Remote access for users

Keeping employees up and running on a fast network is essential, whether they are working from a remote field operation, home office or corporate location.  K3’s managed cloud services are accessible from anywhere at any time, allowing employees and partners to conduct business, safely and securely, without interruption.

Storage and infrastructure performance 

K3 analyzes your current system and regulatory requirements, reviews storage and network needs, and makes recommendations on enterprise-level solutions. We evaluate whether dedicated servers, a cloud solution, or a hybrid environment are best for your email, business applications, files and other assets, then maintain systems for you.

Application and vendor management

Oil and gas companies use a wide variety of complex applications on a daily basis, like field data capture, production, financial accounting, and mapping. K3 works with you and your vendors on support issues, system upgrades, and other issues to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Cybersecurity management

As critical infrastructure, oil and gas companies need a strong cybersecurity system to keep operations running and data secure. K3 also offers cybersecurity training for employees to identify phishing attempts and other hacking schemes by cybercriminals, foreign entities, and internal threats.

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