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IT Project Management Services

IT Project Management
K3’s project managers expertly initiate, plan, and execute IT projects.

Successful IT project managers know how to put together the right team and bring out the best in each team member. They know issues often arise during an IT project, so they incorporate contingency plans into the project plan to keep the team moving forward to meet deadlines and budgets.

Experienced project managers also regularly communicate with team members to share information, identify challenges, and adjust schedules to finish on time.

K3’s IT project management consultants can:
  • Perform aproject assessment, defining the project scope and timeline
  • Develop a budget and a communications plan
  • Develop of a project management plan with contingency plans
  • Oversee all aspects of the project, including personnel, systems, quality control and training
  • Procure materials needed for the project
  • Execute the project roadmap and necessary tasks
  • Keep the project on budget and on time, reporting on progress and KPIs
  • Complete the project and provide a final report

Small and midsize companies that do not have in-house IT project managers, or even IT staff, are especially in need of outsourced specialists. K3’s project management consultants work with clients to understand their business goals and how the project impacts employees, customers and other stakeholders. We know how to set and meet budgets for all types and scopes of projects.

K3’s IT project managers bring a fresh perspective to IT needs during mergers and acquisitions and are seen as neutral when two companies merge operations. Mergers and acquisitions often require IT consultants to work on application and data migrations or integrations, email migrations, and infrastructure consolidation. Our M&A specialists can evaluate both companies to see where there are synergies and where migrations need to occur.

Whether you need a project manager to take over a challenging project or start a new project from scratch, having the right person manage your project is key to its success. Contact K3 today to learn more about our IT project management services.


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