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Microsoft Modern Workplace

Improving productivity for your business with Microsoft Modern Workplace

The pandemic caused companies to rethink where, when and how their employees worked. Leaders weighed the pros and cons of onsite, hybrid and remote work options. While some employers went back to onsite environments, others jumped at the chance to reduce office expenses by choosing hybrid or remote options. The old definition of workplace was updated to fit the new business reality.

K3 Microsoft Modern Workspace
What is a Modern Workplace?

A modern workplace is flexible and designed to meet the physical, digital and tech needs of your business and employees. For those using Microsoft products and services, the Microsoft Modern Workspace incorporates the productivity and security of the Microsoft 365 suite of solutions with the power and flexibility of Azure cloud services. Employees continue to use technology that allows them to work smarter from anywhere, collaborate with colleagues, and keep their devices and networks safe from cyber threats.


What’s Included in the Microsoft Modern Workplace?

K3 is a Microsoft Silver partner and can help you pick the elements that you need. Options include Microsoft 365 (including Office 365), Windows 10 Enterprise, Microsoft Teams, Azure Active Directory, Intune, and many more. We evaluate your current and future needs to make sure the right systems are in place to grow with your business.

What are some Benefits of Microsoft Modern Workplace?

Productivity and Collaboration
You are already familiar with the benefits of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Microsoft communications tools such as Outlook and Teams allow employees to work together regardless of location. This improves collaboration and productivity, cutting down on commute time and reducing the need for in-person meetings or conferences.

Digital Transformation and Scalability
The Azure platform offers a variety of cloud services, including public and private cloud options. This makes it easier for remote workers to access the apps they need 24/7.  Onside hardware, software and IT staff costs are reduced when some or all of your systems are moved to the cloud. This also improves scalability, since most SaaS subscriptions are flexible to meet your needs.

Microsoft is a leader in four Gartner Magic Quadrant security reports. Microsoft 365 helps you proactively defend against advanced threats as malware, phishing, and zero-day attacks. Additional protection can be found in other Microsoft products, including Azure, Active Directory and Intune.

K3 also provides cybersecurity training for your employees so they can identify and avoid business email compromise along with other scams and threats to your business.

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