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Data Analytics

Data Analytics
Transform raw data into valuable insights.

While many businesses have massive amounts of data, that data often remains an untapped resource. K3 develops a data analytics environment and processes for you to drive decision-making, identify customer and competitive trends, and find areas of potential cost savings and increased profitability.

Businesses rarely have the in-house expertise to design and develop data analytics platforms.

K3 works with you to identify your data needs and the most useful analytics, including quantitative, qualitative and predictive. We can also build business intelligence (BI) dashboards that take data from multiple sources to assess the business as a whole, productivity of individual departments, margins on each product, and so on.

The Benefits Include:
Make Informed Business Decisions

Have the insights you need at your fingertips. K3-developed BI dashboards put your data in an easy to understand format to guide business decisions. Predictive analytics allow you to model the outcomes of different scenarios, using changes to internal or external factors (adding employees, raw supply price changes, etc.).

Assess Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPIs are valuable metrics, but many companies aren’t able to accurately assess them. Others haven’t developed KPIs and are left guessing about their business performance. K3 works with you to develop essential KPIs and a data analytics platform to analyze the data.

Improve the Customer Experience

Enterprises collect customer data at different stages of the customer journey. By using data analytics, customer profiles can be created and used to better understand a customer’s communications preferences and provide a more personalized experience.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Data analytics can provide companies with the insight needed to make smart business decisions. From understanding customer behavior to using predictive analytics to project sales volume as different price points, an investment in data analytics can be a game changer.

Enhance Security and Mitigate Risk

Data analytics can be used to find the causes of data breaches by processing relevant data, then patching vulnerabilities. Data analytics can also be used to track inventory, project product revenue, identify loss or theft, and predict future demand for products.

Streamline Operations and Increase ROI

Gathering and analyzing data about your operations identifies bottlenecks and areas that can benefit from business process automation. You can also identify problematic vendor or partner relationships, inventory management issues, eCommerce challenges, and so on.

K3 works with you to develop an environment and processes specifically designed for your business. Contact K3 today to find out how our experts can improve your productivity and bottom line.

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