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IT Support for Mergers and Acquisitions

IT Support for Mergers and Acquisitions
IT Leadership and Support for Mergers and Acquisitions

During mergers and acquisitions, IT leadership plays a key role. Employees are often worried about their jobs during M&A activity, so outsourcing IT leadership and support takes the pressure off already stressed employees. An outside perspective also provides unbiased decision-making and keeps IT employees focused on supporting sales, finance, marketing, operations, HR, and other departments during the transition.

K3 provides IT leadership and support to companies involved in all aspects of M&A activity, including private equity firms, VCs, acquiring businesses, and those looking to be acquired. We know migrating and/or integrating two IT systems can be extremely complicated, especially when companies have different infrastructures, security policies, and network capabilities. Our expertise can support your M&A activity in numerous ways.


Data Analytics

Data analytics can play a crucial role in M&A activity, by transforming raw data into useful insights. A company being acquired may be sitting on a wealth of untapped data waiting for the right partner to leverage it. K3 uses cutting-edge tools to analyze your data from anywhere.

System Migration

Executing system and data migration are one of the most challenging aspects of mergers and acquisitions. Working backward from the end goal helps prioritize the most efficient design for system and data migration. This includes understanding where and how email, business applications, files, and other assets are stored, accessed, and used. K3 analyzes the situation and makes recommendations for the most beneficial process.

System Integration

System integration is also tied to the business goals behind M&A activity. Planning needs to take place before hands-on integration begins since speed is of the essence. K3 works with companies during mergers and acquisitions to determine scalability, which systems and data to keep, and how much integration is actually required before moving forward.


During the due diligence phase of M&A activity, a review of security protocols, licensing agreements (or lack thereof), and employee training may impact a deal. K3 can create a strong detection and response security system, a data protection plan, and provide cybersecurity training for employees to mitigate hacking attempts by cybercriminals and other bad actors.

Application and Data Sprawl

Application sprawl is the growth of an IT system caused by adding applications that require more resources. Data sprawl refers to the massive amounts of data produced every day due to enterprise software, mobile apps, storage systems, along with data used for analytics. K3’s specialists can advise companies going through M&A activity on the best approach to minimize application and data sprawl while integrating IT systems.

Very few companies going through M&A activity have the in-house expertise to handle the wide range of IT issues that occur, including planning and design, system integration, system migration, 24/7 support, maintenance, system upgrades, and cybersecurity management.

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