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Don’t Become a Victim of a Ransomware Attack

August 24, 2020

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Don’t Become a Victim of a Ransomware Attack

Ransomware is a type of malware that threatens to publish a vistums data or block access to the data unless a ransom is paid. These attacks are typically carried out by tricking a user into downloading or opening a disguised file.

Late last month, the city of Lafayette, Colorado, was a victim of this type of cyber crime that hijacked computer files and disrupted the city’s computer network, phone lines, and email. In hopes to avoid any further disruption, the city officials paid the ransom of $45,000.

The city officials don’t know if the attack was a result of their employees working from home, but the perpetrators got into the city’s computer network by either phishing or persistently guessing passwords.

Unfortunately, these attacks happen all the time. K3 Technology can help you create cyber security solutions to help prevent attacks like ransomware. Contact us today so that you are not another victim of one of these attacks.

You can read more about Lafayette’s ransomware attack here.

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