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In House or Contracted IT? How MSPs Can Save You Money!

January 3, 2019

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In House or Contracted IT? How MSPs Can Save You Money!

You have probably heard before that choosing MSPs (managed service providers) can save you money compared to in-house IT. Yet the people who keep telling you that you can save money with an MSP are the MSP businesses themselves! Should you switch from in-house IT to contracted IT? Can you save money? K3 Business Technology offers MSP services, but we want to break down for you all the different ways that you can save money with MSPs. A MSP is not the right choice for every business, but for many it can be one of the best fiscal decisions they make all year.

MSPs Survey Numbers

A recent CompTIA survey asked 400 businesses for their experiences with their MSP services and service providers. They found that, on average, 50% of the businesses were able to cut costs from 1% to 24% annually. In fact, 13% of those surveyed said that they had cut costs by more than 50% annually!

This survey doesn’t answer the question of whether you and your business will save money, but it should demonstrate that many businesses are saving significantly when switching from in-house IT operations to managed service provider operations. So how do we save our clients money? Read on.

MSP Savings #1: Increased Uptime & Decreased Downtime

Your system needs to be operational at all times and that means that your IT department has to be on the lookout for viruses and problems with load capacity. An MSP can help you save money by ensuring that your systems stay up and stay working. Nothing can cost your business money faster than a down system that keeps the business from operating as usual.

MSP Savings #2: Cash Flow Understanding

It can be difficult to know how much money needs to be allotted for technology management with an in-house IT team. It’s not just your IT team’s salary that needs to be paid, but also any expenses related to technology failures and software patches. With an MSP, you know that you have guaranteed service for a guaranteed price. This will keep your business accountant happy and make it easier to reliably understand your cash flow.

MSP Savings #3: Security Enhancements

A dedicated MSP team experienced in security problems and vulnerabilities can keep out expensive security breaches saving you anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars. A MSP will be able to show you how they plan to enhance your security and then manage that security for you. Instead of hunting for the perfect in-house IT team, access network professionals well versed in security for a fraction of the price it would take to hire a full security IT team. The importance of working with an MSP who has extensive experience with security protocol cannot be overstated. With the risk of malware and phishing scams on the rise, you need a strong anti-virus security system in place as well as a data protection plan that will keep your data secure at all times.

MSP Savings #4: Productivity

With an MSP, you are outsourcing your technological needs to an experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable provider. You won’t waste time trying to work things out with your IT team. You can completely rely on your MSP to handle any tech issues that arise on their own without your intervention. MSPs may deal with maintenance and remote monitoring, but they also deal with handling daily decisions about your IT needs. They do all of this without interrupting your team’s workflow, helping your team stay as productive as possible.

MSP Savings #5: Technological Strategy & Investment

The tools and technologies that you choose to purchase for your business can be difficult to assess. When it is time to purchase a new service, tool, or technology, how do you make the best possible decision? How do you ensure that the tech that you buy will fit within the goals and operational needs of your business?

It can be really difficult to make these decisions without having an extensive in-depth understanding of technological components. MSPs are experts in helping clients choose technologies that are in alignment with their goals from immediate needs to future needs. MSPs offer insights into the tech industry’s latest trends and technological advancements to make sure that you choose the best options for your business.

To inquire about our MSP services, please feel free to give us a call. You can reach us directly at 720-758-9844. For existing MSP customers, please call 303-770-8050 for client support. K3 Business Technology enjoy helping our clients manage their IT services while saving them thousands of dollars in IT expenses.

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