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IT Support for Law Firms

IT Support for Law Firms

Law firms need 24/7/365 IT support. Lawyers, paralegals and support staff may be working around the clock to prepare for trials and other deadlines, so systems need to be running smoothly and on-call IT support available.

Law firm operations require a wide array of IT systems, from firm-wide solutions ensuring billable hours are charged to the right matter to department-specific solutions ensuring deadlines are met and data is organized and secure.

Keeping client information protected is a top priority for firms. In fact, the FBI has issued warnings to law firms about cyber threats. Data breaches and unsecured communication channels are just two ways bad actors can obtain confidential information, so cybersecurity tools and employee training must be in place.

K3 offers a variety of IT solutions for law firms, including, but not limited to:

24/7/365 IT Support

K3 has IT support teams available to provide assistance whenever you need help.

 Cybersecurity Planning and Management

Law firms need IT strategists to develop and implement cybersecurity plans that protect systems and data, detect cyberattacks and respond quickly to threats.

  • Solutions such as multi-factor authentication, end point security, and dark web monitoring help ensure your data stays protected.
  • Because employees are often targeted through phishing and other social engineering ploys, we provide employee training on cybersecurity threats.
  • Automated data backups to offsite locations add another level of security.
Storage and Infrastructure Performance

An efficient, secure network is a requirement for law firms. K3 analyzes your communications needs, reviews storage and network requirements, identifies applicable rules and regulations, and makes recommendations on enterprise-level solutions for your firm. Options include on-prem, cloud, and hybrid solutions.

Application and vendor management

Law firms use a variety of complex applications on a daily basis, including tools that allow attorneys and staff to securely communicate and coordinate with clients, courts, and other parties. K3 works with you and your vendors on system upgrades, support issues, and other matters to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Business continuity and disaster recovery services

A system failure, data breach or natural disaster can be devastating. Recreating client files, billing records, and other information from scratch is expensive, challenging and time-consuming. Depending on the type of damage done, it could be weeks before operations return to normal. K3’s disaster recovery planning and regular data backups stored offsite can keep your firm safe from costly downtime and data loss.

Cloud migration & support

With remote work and online meetings becoming the norm during the pandemic, law firms have already started moving some operations to the cloud. Choosing the cloud provider that best fits your needs is key to maintaining reliability and security. Our team has extensive experience helping organizations migrate to the cloud and provide post migration support.

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