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Security Assessments

Security Assessments
Identify your company’s vulnerabilities on your attack surface.

Making sure your organization has adequate cybersecurity protocols in place starts with a thorough security assessment. Each company has its own unique attack surface, made up of all potential access points a bad actor can use to enter your network. These access points include employees, devices, apps, APIs, websites, cloud platforms, Internet of Things (IoT), vendors, supply chain and numerous others possibilities.

K3’s security assessment looks for vulnerabilities that open you up to data breaches, malware, ransomware and other criminal activities. By assessing your organization’s weaknesses, K3 can help you with solutions and best practices to mitigate your risk.

Services we can provide include:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering Testing
  • Configuration Testing
  • Information Security Assessment
  • Policy and Procedure Review
Penetration Testing

A penetration test simulates a cyberattack against a computer system to identify security vulnerabilities. Testing provides valuable information to address weaknesses before they can be exploited by bad actors.

Social Engineering Testing

Bad actors target your employees with phishing attacks that use social engineering to trick them into thinking the emails are from legitimate sources. Bad actors can pretend to be employees, customers, vendors, partners or government agencies in their quest to get employee to turn over credentials or other information. Phishing and social engineering tests by KnowBe4 evaluate whether employees can identify these attacks.

Information Security Assessment

An information security assessment determines whether your organization meets its security objectives for the access points on its attack surface. Our assessment methods may involve testing, examination and interviewing.

Configuration Testing

We can evaluate software and apps under development to assess their performance on the system to identify the ideal configuration that eliminates vulnerabilities while meeting functional requirements.

Policy and Procedure Review

We review your policies and procedures related to cybersecurity, including data storage and compliance, incident detection and response, network and device security, access control and more.

The specific assessments you need could be risk based or compliance driven. For example, if a company needs to be HIPAA compliant, they would typically need a Gap Assessment of their current security and policies to see whether they meet compliance standards.

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