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The Employees Behind K3: Jerry Kukuchka

January 29, 2024

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Employee spotlight - Jerry Kukuka, one of the Employees Behind K3.

Employee Spotlight

Name: Jerry Alan Kukuchka

What do you do at K3 Technology? Chief Financial Officer

Where are you from originally? Denver, CO

What do you love about the hybrid work environment? The flexibility, it allows you to work from home when the weather is bad or if you need to be around home for pets, kids or contractors that are working on your home.

What are you most excited about over the next few years? As a result of the incredible growth rate of K3 this will allow us to expand service offerings, create employee promotions, create stability, and create cash flow at a level in which we will be able to acquire another MSP expanding our geographical reach in the US.

Who motivates you? Kelly Kercher and Ian Romero both motivate me as they have the same vision for organic growth as well as acquisitions with endless energy to stay the course. It is exciting to all be on the same page and headed in the same direction as a company, it makes working at K3 very exciting.

iPhone or Android? Android

What do you do for fun? I am an avid Denver Broncos fan and have season tickets that were handed down to me from my dad. (who has passed). I have been going to games since I was 4 years old and was able to go to back to back Super Bowls with my dad that the Broncos won in 1997 and 1998.  Also, I love skiing, hiking, camping, and fishing when I get the time. In addition, I love to travel and experience new cultures, cities, food and drink.

If you could go anywhere, where would it be? Monaco.

Favorite restaurant in the world? I love Mexican food so it would probably have to be Los Dos Potrillos (a family owned Denver restaurant).

What is your favorite aspect about the Technology Industry? It is always changing so it is never dull. Also, IT also allows you to continue to improve your efficiency and effectiveness allowing you to accomplish more in less time and cut out mundane time killing tasks.

What advice would you provide to someone interested in the tech field? Jump in with both feet. Learn as much as you can as fast as you can and get as many industry certifications as you can get. They are even better than acquiring a 4 year degree in this industry.

How have you found our company culture to be? The culture at K3 is excellent. It is a small company that believes in honesty and integrity above all else. In addition as a result of the size and the quality of the employees it creates reliability, diversity and stability from such a team first culture. Everyone is always willing to step up and help out a fellow K3 employee.

Favorite books/reading material/websites? I love automobile and RV magazines and websites. I love reading up on all of the new technologies and products in this space, even though I can’t afford any of them.

Please share any interesting facts or additional contributions you make to K3.

I joined K3 after many years of conversations with Kelly and Ian. I always believed in their service offering and the partnership approach they used with their clients. I had used K3 as my outsourced IT while at my previous employer. Utilizing K3 in this fashion allowed the company to focus their energy on growing from $2M to $50M by the time I left. Kelly asked me to join K3 as a result of my many years of experience. I am a CPA that has over 30 years in accounting and finance, experience in many different sized companies (Public and Private) and various industries. Kelly especially liked the depth of my merger and acquisition experience on both the sell and buy side that I have acquired over the years. This is the primary area that Kelly wanted to me focus my time and energy on after joining K3. I feel my diverse background allows me to provide significant knowledge and experience to K3 in both accounting and finance but especially in the area of acquisitions as we anticipate completing multiple transactions in the upcoming years.



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