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The Importance Of Training Your Employees On Security Awareness

January 3, 2019

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The Importance Of Training Your Employees On Security Awareness

Data is more valuable to companies – and hackers – than ever. Our world is digital – and almost all of the most valuable information in every company is stored in a database, server, or computer.

So it may surprise you that, despite advances in hacking and the increased resourcefulness of cybercriminals, the primary cause of data breaches is still employees.

Negligent or ignorant employees are responsible for far more data theft and loss than third-party hackers – whether it’s because of carelessness, weak passwords, or simple ignorance of corporate security policies.

Employees – The Biggest Asset (And Vulnerability) At Your Company

Your employees are your biggest asset – but they can also be the biggest threat to your corporate data security and integrity. Even if your IT team and equipment are top-notch, an employee outside the technology department could still cause a data breach, if they are not properly informed.

Security regulations and the digital landscape are constantly changing – and this means that every employee needs to be trained on security awareness, and how to prevent the most common causes of data breaches – such as weak passwords, downloading malware from phishing emails, and accidentally exposing data to third parties.

How To Enhance Employee Cybersecurity Knowledge – 3 Essential Training Programs

To enhance the knowledge of employees, and ensure that they can respond properly to threats, there are three basic programs on which they should be trained regularly. They are as follows:

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