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The Remote Working World: How Managed Service Providers Can Help Small Businesses

August 11, 2020

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The Remote Working World: How Managed Service Providers Can Help Small Businesses

The current pandemic we’re living in has forced many companies to shift their workforce from working in the office to working remotely. Managed Service Providers (MSPs), like K3 Technology, help ease the burden for small businesses during this transition. Here are a few ways MSPs are essential for small businesses who have transferred to working remotely.

Enhancing Cybersecurity

Most small businesses don’t have the resources on their team to stay current on internet security and aren’t equipped to handle data breaches or network compromises. Especially when companies have shifted most of their employees to working remotely, cybersecurity is that much more important. While working from home, employees may work off of their personal devices or even use a personal device to log into their company’s corporate network. Hackers can easily hack into these personal devices, therefore hacking into a corporate network. MSPs help to provide a strong anti-virus security system in place as well as a data protection plan to help keep data secure at all times.

Lowering and Stabilizing IT Costs

Working with an MSP helps small businesses to reduce their IT costs as well as help with being able to plan for more consistent fees as opposed to unpredictable needs of specialists, equipment, etc. During this pandemic, small businesses are looking for any way to cut costs and stay afloat. Working with an MSP helps limit the amount of money spent on in-house IT specialists because you already have access to a wide range of support.

Accessing a Broad Skill Set

Businesses are limited when it comes to who they can hire for their internal IT department. They typically have general support staff as well as a few specialized roles, but there are likely still some gaps that need to be filled. With MSPs, small businesses can get instant access to specialists with broad and deep knowledge– even from home!

Working with an MSP solves or reduces the stress that small businesses are dealing with when transferring their workforce to working remotely. At K3 Technology, we use proactive monitoring and systems analysis and work diligently towards keeping your business secure. Contact K3 Technology to see how we can help you today!

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