How to use Azure Migrate to Move On-Prem Workloads to Azure 
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How to use Azure Migrate to Move On-Prem Workloads to Azure

August 10, 2022

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Azure Migrate to Move On-Prem Workloads to Azure

Moving to the cloud or a hybrid environment rather than staying on-premises only has become the norm. The shift to remote work and online customer engagement during the pandemic sped up the digital transformation for many companies. In addition to greater flexibility, cloud migration allows you to reduce investment in on-prem resources, including data centers, hardware, software and the IT staff needed to keep your systems running.   

Microsoft Azure, a leading cloud computing platform, is a cloud solution we often work with. We’re going to do a series of blogs on maximizing the value of your Microsoft Azure investment.


We’ll start with Azure Migrate, which helps companies move from on-prem to the cloud or a hybrid environment.  

When we work with our clients on cloud migration, we make sure it’s done right. Azure Migrate provides a central hub to simplify a cloud migration and supports servers, databases and applications. It also provides visibility to track progress throughout discovery, assessment and migration.  

K3 starts with an assessment of your on-premises resources and virtual machines (VMs). We also identify your on-prem infrastructure, applications and dependencies, which helps identify workloads for migration to Azure.  

We then use Azure Migrate to: 

  • Migrate on-premises physical servers and VMs. 
  • Migrate VMs running in private or public clouds, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
Cloud Migration

Of course, not all companies are ready or able to fully migrate to the cloud. Some industries require data centers and other resources to remain on-prem for security and regulatory compliance. For these companies, a hybrid solution is in order, where some systems move to the Azure cloud while others remain on-prem. 

K3 has experienced IT consultants who can guide you on your digital transformation journey.  We can evaluate your needs, including budgets and regulatory requirements, and make recommendations to improve your IT reliability, security and cost-effectiveness. 

Whether you are moving to a cloud or hybrid environment, K3 is ready to guide and implement your migration to Azure cloud.


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